Friday, April 5, 2013

What hole do your children fit into?

  Square, round, triangle, hexagon or octagon, what hole do your children fit into? Children trapped in the public school system are forced to fit into whatever size and shape hole the teacher is directing them to. I have never fit into any of societies categories. I know that my children only occasionally fit into them and do not have any desire to follow the norm. Now that my children have all reached adult hood they are self sustaining valuable members of society. They earn their own livings. They pay their own bills. They volunteer to help others. All of the things that are the expected activities of being adults. However, they all walk their own paths of beliefs. They all refuse to be dictated to by anyone who thinks that they are in a position to make personal judgements for them.
  When we home school our children we give them the ability to fit into any hole they want to. They are not forced to view history in the way the public school systems want them to but can explore the events and come to their own opinions. They can branch out into sciences that interest them. They are able to explore all of the subjects that excited their interests. The most important thing is that they learn to learn!
  The independent attitude that they create for themselves is what made our country great. Children that are educated in a home school consistently out rank their public school counterparts on all levels of the SAT! They are free of the problems so visible in the public school systems. Such as: bullying, predator teachers, and gang violence.
  We, as parents and grandparents, need to be vigilant to the erosion to the right to educate our children in the way that we want to! We need to not only be active participants in their learning but also in the legislation being enacted that might infringe on those rights!

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  1. I think you are right, homeschooling allows our children to fit into any hole they want to because it teaches them to be flexible. Homeschooling, in itself, is a study in flexibility since we have choices about curriculum (we use as our core) as well how, when, and where we school. Our children learn this flexibility because they live it. Remain vigilant so that we might continue to have these choices.