Saturday, May 18, 2013

What our Children Learn From The Most!

  While it is obviously important that our children learn to read, write, do math, and how to find information it surprises me that more parents are not aware of what their children learn the most from. It is not text books. It is not television or the internet. The most important learning tool they have and will use for the rest of their life is you!
  Do you make an effort to learn new things? When we continue our education even if it is only a few minutes a day and have new things to discuss with them then they see the value of learning. When you help those who are less fortunate then they see the value of giving. When we show respect for others, even when we do not agree with all of their views or life styles, we teach them tolerance.  It is our attitude's, actions, and behaviors that will guide them through life.
  When dealing with out of control teenagers who are filled with hate I have found that the parents were the example they were following. The parents quite often, were drinking daily, using drugs and  talking about how bad other people were. Those parents very seldom took the time to look at how their own behaviors were being viewed by their children.  Inanimate objects do not suddenly cause harm to others. Rocks do not jump through windows on there own. Well, unless there is a hurricane or earthquake involved. Those objects must be powered by a human agent.
  Let's look at our own actions, attitudes, and behaviors and work on making them the best we can so that our children will learn the best that we have to offer!

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