Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Learning

  Homeschooling doesn't stop at the end of the traditional school year! Our children go on learning every day of the year. Giving them interesting subjects to spark their imaginations will increase your success in this worth while endeavor!
  This is a great way to help your First grade students stay engaged and help you to keep up on how fast they are learning. Brain Quest Workbooks cover most subjects with fun activities that will entertain them for hours and give you some quiet time. You can buy them on Amazon and are dollars well worth spending!
  How about challenging your child with some Earth Science. Learning how to take care of a garden pond will keep them occupied for hours. They will learn how to manage plant life and fish for the best quality of water in the pond. This Kindle book will help to build a pond, manage the plants, and know what fish are best. It discuss the pros and cons of different varieties of both and even touches on fish diseases. How to Build a Garden Pond is a wonderful resource.
  Summer is a time of interactive learning. Building on subjects that the child is interested in will make the winter months easier to plan as they continue their journey of studying. Learning should be fun! If a person can read, do and interact with a subject the knowledge will stay with them longer and be used more often! Have some fun this summer!

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