Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Homeschool or Public School

  I have been a home school advocate for 20 plus years. My reasons behind choosing homeschooling resided with the public schools bad choice of subjects and teachers. My children were bored and not being taught. They were being subjected to teachings that were counter to my belief system. Our oldest son was told to memorize a poem that contained the ideas that policemen were to be pelted with bricks. Our youngest son was told he could not read when I knew he read at above his grade school level.  Our daughter was told that she should not associate with a handicapped boy because it would make her unpopular.  In today's public schools kindergarten children are going to be taught sex education. Is this what you want your children to learn at that young age?

  Public school does have some advantages. Free babysitting is the prime one. You are already paying for it, so why not use it?

  • Bullying
  • predatory teachers and students
  • subjects that are not in line with your belief systems
  • indoctrination in beliefs that promote thinking that is not in line with your values
  • possible harm from abuse by teachers or other students
  Are those enough reasons for you to question the choice of using public schools? There are viable alternatives even for those parents who both work outside of the home. Charter schools or on line schools are easy to connect with. Home school co-opts are available in many areas. Working directly with just one other homeschool family can ease the journey towards a successful homeschool experience.

  If you are worried about socialization of your children then get them involved in various activities where they actually learn something such as 4-H, sports, or martial arts. These activities can grow into adult hood with them while they are learning with others who are working towards a common goal.

  If you must send your children to public school then take stock of what they are actually learning. Read their text books. Talk to them about their day. Visit the classroom on an unannounced schedule and listen to what the teacher is doing. Watch the other children and see how they behave.

  We brought them into this world and it is up to us to see that they have the learning they deserve with out being subjected to unsavory elements.

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