Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating the Season

  I have many friends of different faiths and I find it fun to learn about how they celebrate the season.  Have your children explored their views? Take some time to encourage an understanding and it will benefit them for many years to come!

  Exploring others point of views can foster the ability to value people for who they are. Jesus said to forgive.  He valued people for who they were, not for what color of skin they wore. He welcomed people to learn and love. What have you done? Have you reached out to others in a nonjudgmental way?  Are you teaching your children to know people?

  I find it sad that many people will ignore or actively work against others because they look or believe differently.  We are in the season of love. Are you sharing the love with others? Do our children understand that physical differences are not what we are judged on when we leave this life?  Time for all of us to take a look at our daily lives and decide how we want to answer questions when we pass on.

 I hope that your Season is sprinkled with laughter and love. May you have a Merry Christmas!

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