Monday, December 9, 2013

The Perfect Christmas

  Many years ago I was blessed by knowing a very awesome family. Thirteen children in one family and a wonderful mother and father celebrated Christmas time in a very unusual way. The father worked on the fishing boats and during the winter months money was short. They enjoyed the Christmas season more than any family I have ever known.  Each person in the family reached out to someone in need and did a unanimous chore or gift for them. Side walks were miraculous cleared of ice and snow. Cookies showed up on doorsteps and handmade toys were placed where children could find them always from Santa and Jesus. Homeless people found warm clothing and sleeping bags.  The giving was endless and cost very little money however, the joy in that family was boundless!  Giggles and laughter were in constant supply as they planned each gift.

  How do most of us celebrate Christmas? Do we buy expensive useless gifts that will be put on a shelf and never used?  One of the Christmas's that my children remember the most is when the whole family was going through a rough time and no one was able to buy things. So we made them. Cookies, scarfs, toys all appeared under the tree with very little  money being spent. My daughter still has the wooden doll her father made for her, and that was 25 years ago.

  That very blessed family from the past also had a time of sharing gifts. On the 4th of July the father was working full time and was able to supply gifts. However, I think they enjoyed the Christmas season more.


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