Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Reason to Homeschool

 There are many reasons for homeschooling your children.
  • Religious conflict with the type of classes being taught.
  • Predator teachers
  • Gun violence in the school
  • Quality of the education being offered
  • Bullying by other students
 The list could extend on for a great length. Oregon, as a state, has been extremely easy on home school families. A letter to the governing school and yearly SAT testing covers the requirements. The child must not fall below the 50 percentile in more than one subject. There are even online schools that are free to take and the parent can monitor the child's progress and study material.

 However, recently there has been introduced into the legislature a bill that I find disturbing. Oregon has an law governing vaccination of children and that that must be done to attend public school. There is a way to avoid it by stating a religious objection to the process. Now the state government is considering that the parents of children who do not want their children vaccinated must be educated on the benefits of the process. I am sure that the parents are educated! I am deeply concerned that this might grow into forcing the children to be vaccinated at school. If I had children who were involved in this debate I would pull them from the school immediately!

 If you value your rights to home school then keep a close watch on what the government is doing. Public school was created to indoctrinate children and train them in the way the government wanted. This could be taken to even greater lengths in the future!

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