Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is Volunteering Important for Your Homeschoolers?

 Helping your children to find appropriate volunteer opportunities is very important on several different levels. Giving back to those who are less fortunate helps all of us grow! When picking out different avenues for volunteering look at what the person wants to do with their lives. Do they want to work in social services? How about working at a homeless shelter, delivering food to seniors, or helping at a Domestic Violence center. This will help them to see what others are doing in those fields.

 My daughter wanted to work with animals. She volunteered with a Wildlife Rehabilitation Non-profit and in a Veterinarians office through out her teenage years. She started college at 16 and went on for 8 years to become a Veterinarian. She now works with that same office and sets on the board of the local Wildlife Rehabilitation Non-profit. By seeing what the work was like she never hesitated in what she wanted to do for her life long career. Plus having several years of volunteering before applying for college helped her be accepted by two colleges on her first try.

 Is your child interested in the environment? Check out the local Forest Service office. Quite often they have summer jobs and volunteer opportunities. Medical Field? How about the local hospital or Nursing home? Gardening? The State Extension office helps to develope Master Gardeners and many of them are growing plots to help out the food banks.

  There is not a shortage of opportunities. Let your imagination and their imaginations take them places that they never envisioned and the results will be fantastic!

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