Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

 Traditionally we all celebrate Valentines Day with the giving of chocolates, cookies, flowers, cards, and other presents to those we love. Advertisements bombard us with the idea that if we love someone then we will buy them an expensive gift so that they will always love us. Wow, what a bunch of not so good stuff!!!

 How do we really show people that we love them and how do they show us? We do things for them. We cook meals, fold laundry, even take out the trash when it isn't our turn. We sit by their bedsides when they are sick because they do not want to be alone. We watch movies that are not funny to us, but that they enjoy, for the twentieth time. Even when we are so tired that we can barely keep our eyes open we will sit up for hours with them because they just need to talk. That is love! They show us love by drawing us funny pictures, or asking us to read them a story. Giving us hugs when we least expect them or saying thank you when they normally do not.

 Are there people that you know of that do not have anyone to tell them that they are loved? How about all of the elderly who are sitting in Nursing Homes with out visitors? Would they appreciate handmade cards with a cookie tucked inside? Homeless Shelters, Domestic Violence Shelters, Veterians Centers are filled with people who feel lost and abandoned. They are all human beings who with just a little help may be able to put their lives back together again.

 How are you going to celebrate Valentines Day?


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