Friday, February 15, 2013

Is Home schooling a Benefit to Society?

 Society benefits in many different ways because of the move to more homeschooling. When we look at just the educational cost relief to the public school system it is tremendous! If every home school child reentered the public school system today we would grind the system to a stop because of overcrowding.
 Your children help to raise the level of learning in every way. They score higher on the SAT scores showing that the level of education is superior to what is offered in the public school system. You are taking the time to make sure your children are supplied with great content not useless quantity. You are empowering them to be independent learners which will benefit them and society throughout their lifetime. They are able to research different fields of endeavor and decide for themselves where their lives will take them.
 You are guiding your children to establish strong moral and ethical standards. They are not subjected to bullying and predatory teachers within a system that is unsafe. Your children are being socialized in a safe and productive manner. They are not being exposed to unhealthy ethical  and moral problems before they are old enough to withstand corrupt thinking.
 As your children progress in a subject you are able to guide them to higher levels, while in the public school system they would be held to the standards of the class or teacher. Your children can explore different areas of instruction that interests them. This allows them to view different areas of learning and find what they excel in.
 What other benefits to society as a whole by your taking responsibility for your children’s education do you see? Let’s talk about how you view it. Share your ideas help to expand the beneficial results!

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